Youth Impact Hub supports the leadership of low-income youth of color in creating an equitable, life-affirming economy by providing socially innovative training, collaborative co-working space and access to networks and resources.


UNITED ROOTS has been chosen by Impact HUB Oakland to be the location of Youth Impact Hub. Youth Impact Hub is a program of United Roots and is being housed at United Roots’ pre-existing “green” arts, technology ad media center. Youth Impact Hub Oakland is co-managed by staff from United Roots.



  • "The program is an amazing opportunity to engage with passionate youth who are shaping our future."

    Randy Riggins
    Randy Riggins Developer / Sr Engineering Manager Adobe (2015 Fellowship Mentor)
  • "Coming to United Roots every Tuesday with my business partner and receiving REAL support through mentors, Seminars, and being an environment with other like minded youth trying to create change, rather than just being told to accomplish my goals, meant a lot to me."

    TJ Ransom
    TJ Ransom 2015 Youth Hub Fellowship
  • "The Youth Hub Fellowship is an innovative solution to major systemic issues. Because of the skills I've gained in this program I feel confident in my economic future and my ability to create lasting community change."

    Daisy Ozim
    Daisy Ozim 2015 Youth Hub Fellowship
  • "This program has changed my life. I finally have the resources and confidence I need to succeed with my social enterprise. I gained so much i just can't wait to implement what i learned."

    Isaiah Teague
    Isaiah Teague 2015 Youth Hub Fellowship
  • “Through this program, I've been able to shift my thinking from planning to work for someone to valuing the capital of my skills enough to invest time in building up myself”

    Erin Clark
    Erin Clark 2015 Youth Hub Fellowship
  • “This Program has taught be about utilizing my physical capital & human capital to its full potential understanding that we all can help each other excel. There's so much we want to do alone but so much we can accomplish together.”

    Malik Hardcastle
    Malik Hardcastle 2015 Youth Hub Fellowship
  • "The Youth Hub Program gave me an incredible opportunity to share the knowledge I've gained starting my social enterprise while connecting with other amazing social innovators."

    Lisa Curtis
    Lisa Curtis Kuli-Kuli Founder (2015 Fellowship Mentor)
  • "There were many time i felt like the youths were my mentors, Showing me what determination, inovation, heart & soul is. I'm honored to have been able to know & work with youth leaders of the community."

    Jocelyn Wo
    Jocelyn Wo BALLE Operations Manager (2015 Fellowship Mentor)

Success Stories


Resilient Wellness

Daizy Ozim, founder

A health education programm designed to end the cycles of multi-generational trauma in communities of color.


Simphony Production

Luis Montoya, founder

A youth-led media production company that employs youth to create high quality media for the community at an affordable price, while mentoring their peers in media production skills.



Hope Lehman, founder

A social justice enterprise that honors the legacy and culture of women of color in the United States through wearable art products and community consulting.




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