Jasmine Stallworth

Jasmine Stallworth aka: Honey Gold is a singer-songwriter, music producer, poet and ARTivist based in the Bay Area, known for her eclectic and innovative sound that combines experimental elements of hip-hop, R&B, and neo-soul; her raw, authentic style, signature smooth voice, poetic lyrics, and genre-bending instrumentals all add up to a visceral listening experience, which she describes as “from my mind, body and soul to yours.” She earned her Music and Psychology Bachelor degrees at Mills College in Oakland, CA and is an alumni of the 2016 Youth Impact Hub Oakland social entrepreneurship program. Her social entrepreneurship Honey Gold Presents is a multifaceted entity that uses events, workshops and art creation to produce holistic healing possibilities for people of the Afrikan diaspora. Her festival Increase the Piece hopes to erase the mental health stigma in Afrikan American communities and empower them to seek healing from within through music creation and therapy. All of these things come together to create the sound, vibe and spirit that is HONEY GOLD.

ab banks

My name is ab or ahbey, I go by Mucho Banksy while creating. I’m from North Oakland, CA. I like to heal with my community with art and creation at our center. Right now I am making a lot music and falling in love with the drums. I am apart of BLK MGK a collective of 8 individuals creating on a tangible path to liberation. I am to BLK MGK what the moon is to night, I offer my creations and wisdom to the group. To the world I offer my everlasting love.


Desire Johnson-Forte

Desire Johnson-Forte is an Oakland native who received her B.A in English from Mills College (Creative Writing) and minor in Ethnic Studies. Between her full time work and passion oriented consulting: she uses shared narrative to transform the possibilities society’s culture has outlined for black youth; a budding innovator of pilot-program participatory implementation & monitoring. Currently she is operating two social enterprises – the BIZ Stoop and Damn Good Teas. Over the last two years she has received an All-In Alameda County grant to support her repository sessions, and was recently selected for the 2017 Fox Fellowship with the Pollination Project. Desire works full-time as the Downtown TAY Program Manager.

Kelly Elizabeth Ortega

Kelly Elizabeth Ortega is currently planting seeds with intention in the spaces she is honored to step into as an Earth Warrior, Yoga Guide, Ritual Maker and Creative Curator. She gives thanks to her ancestors from the lands of El Salvador and Mexico, the native people of the land she is honored to learn from, her spiritual guides, teachers, family, community and all relations that have supported her life journey. She has been nourished with sacred ancestral land and herbal knowledge from her elders and community, a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics, and a Niroga Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Certification. As Holistic Wellness Advocate and Social Entrepreneur; all her work is deeply rooted in being in service to the well-being of Tonantzin (Mother Earth), her people and the 7 generations to come after her time.

Linda Sanchez

Linda Sanchez serves as the program director of 67 Suenos, a youth leadership development program based in San Francisco. She is a UC Berkeley graduate where she received a dual degree in Political Science and Chicano Studies. In 2015 she started her own social enterprise, Fuerza Indigena, to socially and economically uplift the voices of Fruitvale’s indigenous Mam population. Her experiences of being undocumented and indigenous propel her to be deeply rooted in community advocacy and people self-determination.

Trang Tran

Trang Tran identifies as a queer, gender-nonconforming, 1.5 Vietnamese immigrant who aspires to live their truth as bright and powerful as the full moon. Born in Saigon and growing up in the East Bay, Trang’s work is focused on building within the Vietnamese community to heal trauma and uplift power. Through their social enterprise QTViet Cafe, they strive to build a cultural healing hub that centers intergenerational nourishment of traditional food and drink. In their free time, they dance, write poetry, bond with their siblings, breathe, and spread love and compassion.

Destiny Iwuoma

I am an eclectic being; Scholar, Artivist, Your Favorite DJ and current College Access Coordinator at RYSE Youth Center in Richmond, CA.

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