Meet the Fellows: Ebony

Hi! My Name is Ebony Ophelia Walker and I am accompanied by my mentors Shaina Tantuico, Marley Weithimer and mother Essie Adams. I am a 20 year old girl with the heart of an old soul and believe in change.  I am Proudly [...]

Meet the Fellows: Meme

Hey! My names is Meme. I’m 24 years old, born in Oakland, CA and raised in Mandeville, Louisiana.  My enterprise is called SuperMoms. SuperMoms is based on my experience as a single mother. As a single mom I [...]

Meet the Fellows: Jay

My name is Jay, and I am from San Francisco but was also raised in Oakland. My enterprise Smoked Out will sell local artist merch and also provide interviews and vlogs. What inspired me to create Smoked Out is when I [...]

Meet the Fellows: Donnie B

Hello, my name is Neajah Brown (aka Donnie B). I am a 19 year old poet and published author.  My team is made up of my mentor Jazmin Mora and myself. I’m from Oakland, California and I attend Laney college so that [...]

Meet the Fellows: Svadhi

Hi, my name is Svadhi Sol, and I am the CEO and founder of Your Art & Sol. I am 21, and I am an artist; my primary medium is music and I also dabble in visual arts. Painting and graphic design have been my forms of [...]

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