Catrina_2017My name is Catrina Byias, and I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in the Bay Area in Richmond, CA. My enterprise will create wigs for women suffering from hair loss and low income women who can’t afford highly priced visits to the hair shop. Our wigs help women who want to feel beautiful and self confident through their high quality custom unit, unlike poor quality store bought wigs.

Sometimes we can overlook the importance of hair to a woman and how it can instantly change her mood. I was inspired to create The Custom Collection because I have experienced first hand the negative emotions felt due to hair issues. I am passionate about my enterprise because I want to help women feel they are beautiful inside and out, although it starts from within, when we feel good on the outside it definitely reflects inward.

With The Custom Collection, I would like to help create financial independence for young women looking to build a skilled trade. I would eventually like to create jobs in the community. Through my enterprise I want to influence women’s empowerment and self confidence.

People can support The Custom Collection by purchasing wigs as they become available, connections to anyone suffering from hair loss in need of a wig and cross promotion.

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