Meet the Fellows: Ebony

Hi! My Name is Ebony Ophelia Walker and I am accompanied by my mentors Shaina Tantuico, Marley Weithimer and mother Essie Adams. I am a 20 year old girl with the heart of an old soul and believe in change.

 I am Proudly from OAKLAND California , “The Town” in other words and attended E.C REEMS ’til i finished my education in Hayward, California. Psychology is my passion, and I get to use it for my job as a behavior technician. In my journey I have worked for Maxim Healthcare Services, Opya Inc, Learning arts and now it is time for my own enterprise“The Heart Of Autism Center”.

I will specialize and focus on working with people who are living with the diagnosis of autism. I want to provide Applied Behavior Analysts services to increase positive behavior and improve verbal communication! My Center will provide entertainment, attention and supervision. The positive results are real and I’m ready to put in the energy!. I have seen my clients make significant improvements to the way they go about their daily routines in a matter of months. The center will create a space for children with disabilities, registered behavior technicians and parents to form a plan that benefits the child’s future.

I formed “The heart of autism Center” while at work with one of my clients and I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The amount of appreciation I received from parents is my fuel and I love it! Visually seeing children go from non Verbal to verbal or Eloping to simply asking to take space is an amazing transformation. I decided to focus on children with disabilities because those are the children that are untimely left out so now it is their time to shine!

I want more people to be aware of the diagnosis, I also want families with children living with autism to understand how activities like being outdoors, speech and etiquette classes can change their lives. The Heart of the Autism Center will allow the fundamentals of living with autism to be common and in the public eye.

I’m in the early stages of my enterprise right now and can use a lot of support. I’m in the middle of doing research on my business model, and fully understanding what parents and families need. Connections to experts in the mental health industry, and board certified behavior analysts would be highly appreciated.

You can contact me at: