Emanuel_2017I am a young professional who started my journey in the corporate world in 2012. I began my professional development with an exclusive program called Year Up. This program is an intensive year long arrangement that focuses on the professional and technical development of underrepresented youth. I found my passion for handling Client Specialties through the experiences in this program. A client Personalizer’s gift is to figure out how people from different backgrounds can work together productively. I mix public relations with a unique skill set to shine light on peoples strengths and potential to find them rewarding opportunities.

Creating opportunities is exactly what I hope to do with this social enterprise called TipsiTaxi.  I want to help sustain the lives of my soon to be consumers and my employees.  I hope to inspire the young world to be better everyday.

I completely understand the impact of gentrification on low income neighborhoods. A lot of this gentrification is happening in the Bay Area because of the prosperous tech companies in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Mountain View. I’m passionate because I was fortunate to have an opportunity to get the exposure to see the possibilities and the negatives that comes with the reality of being in tech. I’m from Richmond and there are no tech clubs at Contra Costa College, there are no tech outlets to come and learn about new gadgets, there’s no mentorship or information being given focusing on the importance of having skills pertaining to tech and what will happen when gentrification fully hits Richmond. I want to give the next generation a chance to remain in their homes and to learn something they can take into the world and create their own.

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