Meet the Fellows: India

My name is India Simpson, I am 20 years old, and I am working with my mentor Blake. I’m from East Oakland Ca, mainly 35th and School St. I go to school in San Francisco for makeup.

My enterprise is eclectickolourplaycosmetics, a cosmetic line, and KOLOURPLAY, a fashion line that expresses your emotions through the product and gives you a creative voice. We’ll be bringing you different and fresh new ideas through the product I will be providing.

What inspired me to create this enterprise was just loving to look my absolute best but wanting to do that with products and clothing I can connect to. Also, fashion and cosmetics are passions of mine. If my enterprise is successful, I will open a 1-stop-shop some time in the future. I also plan to have a pop-up shop.

People can volunteer or help by making donations to buy products that we’ll need, and help us create a logo for “KOLOURPLAY”. People can also help by providing names of people who are in the beauty industry that can teach me some things or who can offer their services once the 1-stop-shop opens. Contact me at: