Mathew_2017I’m originally from West Africa, Nigeria. I moved to the bay area 3 years ago and currently live in Oakland. I’m a full time student in Chabot Community College, majoring in Computer Science. I work part-time with Phat Beets Youth Pickle Co.

De Gud Fix is going to be an avenue for locals to get their phones fixed/repaired for really affordable prices. Youth will also be able to learn how to fix phones and computers, which will keep them off the street and prevent their incarceration.

What really inspired me to create my enterprise was coming from a low income family. I could care for myself with the little profitable income I made from fixing people’s phones and computers. I would love to share these skills with other youth to create self employment opportunities for them and keep them engaged with something positive and productive.

If my enterprise is successful, there will be lots of entrepreneurial job opportunities for youth in my community, and the rate of incarceration among youth in my community would decrease because they would rather be doing something productive than being on the street taking part in activities that would lead to their incarceration.

People can support my enterprise by getting their phones fixed through me, as well as by providing funds to start training other youth.


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