Meet the Fellows: Raquel & Nic

Who is on your team?
Our LMKWYT Productions team is the founders Raquel Collins, 23 and Nicholas Lee, 30.

Where are you from?
Nicholas and I reside in Oakland. I am from Northridge, CA and Nicholas is from Berkeley, CA.

What will your enterprise do?
Our Enterprise will continue to work with underserved artists in our Bay Area community as we launch an Artist Marketing Program on June 1st. Our enterprise is selecting four artists who are facing difficulties evolving, each month. Problems that consist of limited marketing abilities, low-end support from local fans and limited access to venues. Our Artist Marketing Program will not only teach an artist how to go about these issues, but we will implement a process structure for artists to act on within 30 days. Our Program includes artists interviews/mini-documentaries, marketing campaign strategies and an event showcase.

What inspired you to create this enterprise? Why is this issue important to you?
Nicholas and I started LMKWYT Productions to focus on underground and underserved artists who are not growing a local fanbase and online presence in the community. Our business started with event showcases, promoting artists before and after the event, but we can see the problems artists are facing and why we think we can impact and grow that picture to a reality of blossoms. In this day and age, we see bigger artists having the spotlight and privilege to be interviewed on big platforms, but underground artists aren’t. We are on a mission to create a platform intended solely for music artists who need a platform to gain growth. I will make sure that our business will get these super talented artists a spotlight that they deserve.”Let me know what you think (LMKWYT Productions)”

What changes would you like to create in your community through this enterprise?
If our Artist Marketing program is successful, we can expect to see underground and underserved artists gain more local fanbase and online presence. Fans will be excited to see who we put on our platform and get a better understanding of who the artists are and what inspires them to do music. Music artists will also have a better understanding of how to grow their music, social media and how to embrace who they are and have a better relationship with their fans. As well as, more pop-up event showcases around the Bay Area.

How can people support your enterprise or get involved with your work?
LMKWYT Productions is a non-profit organization, and our artist marketing program will be placed under a subsidized title under our umbrella company, for-profit. We are asking for events and video production volunteers, studio locations we can access once or twice a month for our artist interviews, local support, donations to support our artist marketing program start-up and any additional resources you think we can benefit from. We would truly appreciate any help.

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