Meet the Fellows: Svadhi

Hi, my name is Svadhi Sol, and I am the CEO and founder of Your Art & Sol. I am 21, and I am an artist; my primary medium is music and I also dabble in visual arts. Painting and graphic design have been my forms of self expression. I’ve been producing, recording and mixing my own music since I was 16. It became a very important outlet for me after I lost my father. I’ve always loved to draw and started learning graphic design in high school, and I started painting heavily just 2 years ago; it’s been extremely therapeutic.

As the founder of Your Art & Sol, I lead the creative partnerships to day-to-day operations. In the coming year Your Art & Sol would like to hire an Operations Partner and onboard volunteers to help with our events. Throughout the launch of Your Art & Sol I am supported by the Youth Impact Hub during 1 year Social Enterprise fellowship but also by my dedicated mentor Emani Holyfield.

I was born in Berkeley, California and moved around the Bay for a while and eventually to Elk Grove where I currently live.

Your Art & Sol provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ people of color and our allies to create community through monthly, lightly guided art classes facilitated by LGBTQ+ POC artists.

As an artist I have found that there are plenty of places where I can express myself artistically, but as a queer, person of color I cannot say the same. There are few places where I feel like I can go and be myself while also learning more about the things that I enjoy, so ultimately Your Art & Sol was born out of the idea to create spaces where it’s not a problem for others express themselves freely.

I would like to see more LGBTQ+ POC and our allies expressing themselves artistically without being afraid to be themselves and for people to grow, learn, and explore with each other to form a strong community where the members can feel safe and seen as individuals. I would also like our allies to be able to understand how they can help so everyone can share a space where no one feels othered.

If you want to stay updated about the latest on Your Art & Sol send us an email at: and if you would like to share your thoughts on art and the community so we can better tailor our events to you please fill out this survey.