IMG_7395Peace all. My name is Venus Morris and I am the founder of Melanated Art Cures Trauma. I was born and raised in Oakland, California for a majority of my Life. Growing up I always had a passion for cultural arts and healing energy. I started performing early on and and knew that my light would shine the most on stage. Ever since the moment I had that revelation, I made a vow to be the voice of the many voiceless people through my bright spirit and gifted presence.

My plan is to brand myself in a way that allows the activist, artist, educator and healer to collide and manifest themselves together through “Entertainment.” A message will always come through the individual who is presenting their work. The art is the platform for the people to feed the knowledge of empowerment and healing to their people. Be it theater, film, writing books and poetry, photography, painting, Graffiti, singing, dancing and producing music, cooking, digital design, the list goes on. All of these gifts can be turned into merchandise and opportunities for the community to come together to be “entertained,” while having the experience of healing through art and culture.

When I was younger I knew that there was something about me that was special. But family, classmates, peers and society told me different. That I would never do nothing, have nothing or be nothing. Over the summer of 2016 I had the honor of being a middle school teacher with Oakland Freedom schools. I worked with so many bright and beautiful young people. I gained so much from them. They opened up to me a lot and it hurt my spirit to learn of their experiences. Similar to my own trauma as a middle school scholar in particular, my heart strings were pulled. Hard. A child should never feel unworthy, ashamed of who they are or neglected by love and support. I want to be able to show the young people that they can do what their heart desires and know that they have the love, support and honor they need in their community.

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