2015 Youth Hub Fellows

  • 8ft Tall
    8ft Tall Ajman Thrower


    To provide quality professional promotions and artistic services that will allow our clients to reach a broader audience and increase brand awareness.

    Mentor: Monica Ayers
    Coach: Ambessa Cantave

  • UPbeat Oakland Games
    UPbeat Oakland Games Jose Martinez & TJ Ransom


    To support, educate, and heal the minds of diverse communities through video games.

    Mentor: Kat Whipple
    Coach: Jessi Fischer

  • The BIZ Stoop
    The BIZ Stoop Desire Johnson & Erin Clark


    to generate “earn your keep” work opportunities for transitional age youth in Oakland, CA who experience high barriers to employment.

    Mentor: Ashley Kelley, Sharmila Singh

  • Fuerza Indigena
    Fuerza Indigena Linda Sanchez


    To mobilize indigenous women with culturally appropriate mentorship, high-quality entrepreneurial training, access resources to sell their native arts, and thrive in the growing green economy.

    Mentors: Lisa Curtis, Gabrielle Sims
    Coach: Caitlin Watkins

  • MerryStem
    MerryStem Dasha Savage & Jessica Sarmiento


    To teach community members how to grow a particular fruit or vegetable as well as bring each participant a convenient way to share their harvest with their neighbors (through a vegetable barter system). Through growing and sharing, we can create an environment of communal interdependence for nutrition.

    Mentor: Sabrina Mutukisna

  • Mercer
    Mercer Roy Terry Jr. & Shayne Johnson


    To provide artistic and educational services to underserved youth through hip-hop music and culture.

    Mentor: James D’Albora

  • United Roots Media
    United Roots Media Malik Hardcastle & Quayshawn Presley


    To create an equitable society through socially impactful media and technology.

    Mentor: Randy Riggins
    Coach: Julian Caspari

  • gODDli
    gODDli Isaiah Teague


    To spiritually awaken youth in oppressed communities through sustainable apparel, uplifting knowledge, quotes, and images.

    Mentor: Sara Erikson

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