2016 Youth Hub Fellows

  • Loyall-entertainment
    Loyall-entertainment Alexis Johnson aka (Loyal)


    To create hip hop music featuring homeless artists that can be used for fundraising and awareness.

    Mentor: James D’ Albora

  • Conscious Nativ
    Conscious Nativ Tiphereth Banks (Het-Heru)


    To support and expose youth to new opportunities and hobbies, training them to produce handmade apparel with eco-friendly material.

    Mentor: Isaac Buwembo

  • NGroots Refreshments
    NGroots Refreshments Trang Tran & Han Tran


    To restore Vietnamese Americans cultural roots, revive inter-generational connections, and nourish creative growth through the power of storytelling and food justice.

    Mentor: Gabby Romabiles

  • Who’s Puttin On
    Who’s Puttin On Kamani Holmes


    A world where anyone impacted by incarceration can prosper instead of perish.

    Mentors: Mansi Kakkar & Keith McGowen

  • Las Madres Doulas
    Las Madres Doulas Stacy Galvan


    Provide Young Parents with doula services to overcome challenges throughout their birthing journey.

    Mentors: Emani Holyfield & Aumatma Shah

    TIANGIS Leo Martin


    We are an online community marketplace where locally sourced goods & services are exchanged, sold, or bartered.

    Mentors: Phillip Akali & Chuck Brown

  • WOKE Collective
    WOKE Collective Stephanie Maldonado & Kelly Elizabeth Ortega


    Creating sustainable holistic health practices in under-served communities that restore the power of our mind, body and soul.

    Mentor: Tony Prada

  • Increase The Peace
    Increase The Peace Jasmine Stallworth (Honey Gold)


    Increase the Peace is an event series and annual music festival that aims to create a space for millennial aged PoC creative artists and entrepreneurs to promote holistic healing through music therapy and appreciation.

    Mentor: Jessica Hammond

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