2018 Youth Hub Fellows

  • Sole2Soul
    Sole2Soul Russell Agustin and Rodolfo James III Agustin


    To provide athletic shoes to low to moderate income youth to promote sustainability & healthy lifestyle in the Bay Area. 

    Mentors: Parisa Esmaili and Brittni Scott

    BAYAF Maleik Dion


    To Uplift Bay Area artists who encourage self-actualization through subscription media packages and co-promotion.

    Mentor: Lina Buffington

  • Black Camera Productions
    Black Camera Productions Jean Black


    To support and build community for people of color through the distribution of positive, solution-based media, the development of technical visual art skills, and the employment of community members in paid positions for their artistry.

    Mentor: Jessica Hammond

  • Insta 3D Printing
    Insta 3D Printing Alberto Ibarra


    To train low-income youth of color in 3D printing, offering sustainable and locally made household products and accessories.

    Mentor: Mike Nicholls

  • Bright Future’s Music
    Bright Future’s Music Shavon Moore


    To support, inspire and motivate youth, despite their economic background by providing them accessible and affordable music education to freely express themselves.

    Mentor: Dalila Dynes

  • AvoCurl
    AvoCurl Jasmine Curtis


    To provide the most nourishing hair care products made with natural and fresh ingredients, while building with and uplifting people with naturally kinky and curly hair.  

    Mentor: Gregory Jackson

  • FixMyKix
    FixMyKix James Green


    To build awareness of, and provide a marketplace for the service of sneaker restoration and customization, to promote artistic entrepreneurship amongst low income young people, and to reduce the amount of sneaker waste in our landfills.  

    Mentor: Ryan Smith

  • PlanU
    PlanU Tria Villanueva


    To help low-income students create a class schedule that promotes a work, life balance lifestyle so they can graduate in their desired time frame  

    Mentor: Billy McIntyre Jr.

  • Project Beanstalk
    Project Beanstalk Isaiah Johnson and Glenn Ray Brooks


    To create quality video games to inspire people from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue the game industry.

    Mentor: Sara Erickson

  • Move with the Breeze
    Move with the Breeze Kabreshiona Smith


    To support those often referred to as African Americans on the journey of self discovery by exposing them to alternative healing practices though movement and expression.

    Mentor: Hadley Salz

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