2019 Youth Hub Fellows

  • Combs Designs (CD)
    Combs Designs (CD) Marie Nicole Combs


    To provide interior design and staging not just focusing on high end clients but bringing quality design into black communities while providing accessible pathways to healthy environments.

    Mentor: Gregory Jackson

  • Smoked Out
    Smoked Out Jayvon (Jay) Hayes


    To help artists become economically sustainable through sub distributing their merchandise and helping them gain exposure through the Smoked Out vlog.

    Mentor: Jessica Hammond

  • Foe Laynz Auto Shop
    Foe Laynz Auto Shop Allen (A1) Laurensen Reed


    Open up a series of community focused based shops that provide education on basic maintenance and offer affordable pricing.

    Mentor: Chris Spencer

  • NAZ
    NAZ Neajah (Donnie B) Brown


    To give women and girls from ages 14 to 50+ wellness resources, a space to connect, and teach each other.

    Mentor: Jazmin Mora

  • WOC Collective
    WOC Collective Devon White


    To create a safe space for women of color to craft their music skills. The collective helps women level up in songwriting, branding, and sound production to prepare them for a career in the music industry.

    Mentor: Helena Wang

  • Project 25
    Project 25 Christian (Chris) Velasquez


    To inspire the youth by producing an apparel that is not only stylish but also gives back to the community.

    Mentor: Tanya Liszniansky Cohan

  • In Lak’ech Productions
    In Lak’ech Productions Benjamin (Ben) Gonzales


    To amplify the voices of Oakland’s unsheltered community through collaboration with local artists to create limited edition apparel

    Mentor: Kate Spacek

  • Freedom Community Clinic
    Freedom Community Clinic Bernadette (Bernie) Lim


    To provide holistic health programs, community pop-up clinics, patient advocacy, and an affordable network of long-term holistic health services to under-resourced communities in the East Bay

    Mentor: Ernest Brown

  • Your Art and Sol
    Your Art and Sol Svadhi Sol


    To promote Art, Love, and Growth through art classes provided to queer people of color.

    Mentor: Emani Holyfield

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